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Welcome to Keshamrut, where the essence of Ayurveda is crafted into premium hair care. Founded by Dr. Vitthal Rajkar, who brings over 25 years of expertise in Ayurvedic hair treatments, we are dedicated to utilizing the ancient practice of Taila Pak Vidhi to formulate our products.

Our 100% organic solutions harness the power of natural ingredients and time-honored methods to promote healthy hair growth, strengthen strands, and prevent damage.

At Keshamrut, we believe that true hair health starts from within. Our approach combines the wisdom of Ayurveda with modern care to create products that are both safe and highly effective. Having successfully treated over 15,000 patients, our team of passionate professionals is committed to delivering the best hair care experience possible.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of organic Ayurvedic hair care products. By adhering to the ancient Taila Pak Vidhi technique and using natural ingredients, we ensure our customers receive superior hair care solutions. Trust Keshamrut to care for your hair, naturally and effectively.

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